Monday, 4 January 2010


You know your not a Happy Bunny when something like this happens
December 30th 2009
London: 14:29 GMT
Me and the team just stepped in a fancy dress shop, located on the back roads of Neasden. Please believe it was only last night when the team told me I was attending a fancy dress event (60's- 70's  style to be precise). I walk through these doors with my head hanging low.

You see... The night before this event, I got a bit too excited with the shaver my auntie gave me for Christmas. All I wanted to do was shave off my beard, and shape up the moustache. I ended up shaping up the moustache a bit too low, leaving me no choice but to shave off the whole thing. Now I stand in the middle of North West London, looking like an esacped monkey from the zoo. Thank God this was a dress up event. 

Looking around, I found a fake mostouse for £2.99.
Great the moustache is sorted - All I need is a...

And there it was - Glossing, Curly, and Wet.
Michael Jackson's Jerry Curl in a pack. (Thriller Edition)
The shop keeper even allowed me to put it on before I bought it
                                 Twas a Perfect fit - Twas Destiny
A pain to my pockets though - £14.99 meant that I couldn't eat for a whole night (Thanks Reon, for handing in a fiver)

I jumped into the Batmobile and off we went:

Sheffield 18:36 BMT
It's Morphing Time

Welcome to Sheffield's Gospel roller Disco
Music - Laughs - The Works

Me and Reon were looking super slick that night - look at my bottom lip though.

Yes my dear readers, laughter was truly in the air, but just like every family gathering, there is always one to come in mess up a vibe...This one had a wig on.

Now, this brother came in the 70's event with a dreadlocks wig on; or it looked like dreadlocks - that was the closest hairstyle I could relate it too.

Actually I'm sure it wasn't dreadlocks...

Okay this man brought a Doo Doo Plat Wig to the event - I mean...Who buys those?
But I never really thought nothing of it
I was just tryna keep my Soul Glo correct
I sense you're getting bored so let me cut a long story short...
          ...the brother left with my Jerry Curl man...
I don't know what happened. We got freindly...He asked for the wig. We swopped...and he left the building without giving it back
The Teef.

Just look at him.

I've been searching all over Facebook...Tryna find him
I really need to find him
Luckily...I caught him this afternoon - And that is why you don't tag people on pictures.
I'm gonna speak to him...and ask him politely for my Curl back
'Cause that beauty cost me £14.99 worth of Christmas money

I'll tell you all how it went.
PART II? We'll see...


These are the out-takes to the JAHNOI CRANSTON photoshoot I did last year, we had a lot of fun doing this one. Enjoy.

Random...But I thought I might as well have uploaded them. Happy New Year.