Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Family Comes First

For those who don't know, Martina is the same beautiful creature who made this for us click here.
I love my Big sister!!!


Monday, 20 September 2010


Okay wow! so first things first…I got myself some new trainers!

Super Duper freshness - it's like happiness in a box.

So swiftly moving on, I was in Tesco this morning to by some blank DVDs, and to my astonishment I found the most excellent thing any geeky teen could ask for. …EVER!
Wait for it….. I saw the whole collection of the original X-men series (no 'evolution' nonsense) on the shelves…..for £1.25 a DVD!

This felt dodgy, and borderline illegal, but I hesitated not. Now they reside in my home and it WILL be past down from generation to generation….because Ben 10 is just not cutting it.

Speaking of comic books…for those who have been reading the blog, you probably would have recently read about the 'hypeness project'. I will speak about this more in detail at a later date, but for those that don't know, in October I'm planning to write a brand spanking new book in only 12 days.

I made a BRAND NEW teaser trailer just for you…
So for those that have been following ZOOM4YOU for ages, then you would probably would have been thinking 'wait….what happened to 'YOU ARE READING' and 'CAKE'???' …

Well unfortunately…CAKE is going to start production at the end of this year…the time when most of you guys are going to be far far away because of uni *aww*. But believe me when I saw next year is the year of the CAKE…we have a big big treat for you guys…believe me.

Also…YOU ARE READING is done. It has been finished months ago, but I have been sending it to various readers to see what their views are. So far so good peoples…the reactions are crazy. I'm looking for it to come out shortly after if not the SAME TIME as the Hypeness project.

If you don't know what 'YOU ARE READING' is, here is the teaser trailer:

It's crazy because today I was with Jendella (Part of the Akemi Team) in Waterstones, and saw a book that was laid out in the same way I wanted YOU ARE READING to be laid out.

It's called 'The Medium is the Massage' by Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Fiore - Go check it out!

In the mean time I have been working along side UrbanEnt to create the dramatic masterpiece:

Look out for the full blown documentary soon!

And lastly…I was watching ' Rebel Without A Cause' today on Sky Movies. I just realised that James Dean was quite Gangsterish….He's what I would call a 'O.G - O.G -  Tripple O.G" (That’s the highest ranking in Gangsterisim). And for that, I quickly composed a tribute to him.

R.I.P Triple O.G
The Hypeness Continues


Thursday, 9 September 2010


I got something hype for you guys. Something really really hype.......HYPE. You guys already know that I wrote a book earlier this year called 'You Are Reading'. Yes peoples, the book is finished, well pretty much. The dinner is soon served but...do you guys want a quick microwave meal in the meantime?
I present to you all the 'hypeness project'. Let me explain why it is hype. Imagine, I wrote a whole new book...brand new...from scratch....in just 12 days!!!
It's madness isn't it!
Oh yes!! I am truly off my rocker dear readers but I would do it all for you. This is early stages, so I have not decided a date on when to start. But when I do I would do a daily blog just for you guys to know how I am coping. Tell your mate because you would be witnessing something epic if the book actually is completed in this amount of time!
What is the subject matter...the song should give you some clues.

Stay tuned peoples
Lots of Crazy love
ZoOm x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Had a little play on photoshop last night. I want to do a photoshoot just like this. Get at us if you are interested.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Fashion Hurts - FASHION LIVE 2 PROMO

Don't cry for me...I shall be okay.
But I will certainly cry for you if you don't buy yourself some tickets asap

...gonna be a night to remember *sheds a tear*