Saturday, 3 December 2011


It started off with this

This year has been a testimony to say Hypeness Projects can change your life. It was only a year when I was in West Thames College studying a Art & Design Foundation Degree. I told friends that I was going to write a book in 12 days…not a lot of my people believed it would happen. Eight days later, I finished my first book. A month later, I released ULTRA, my first Hypeness Project. 
Not confident if it would sell or not, I told everyone in my college that the first 10 buyers would get a free Krispy Kreme. I broke even on the first day. West Thames even done a blog about me (click here).

I've said it once and I will say it again: everyman should have at least one book written. It changes your way of thinking. Since December 3rd 2010 I released that projects do not need to be long an drawn out. I'm 19 and have written 4 books. This is not to boast, but to say you can do whatever you want and no-one can stop you doing so.

After ULTRA, I got addicted to creating publications. In March 2011, I collaborated with 'Inspire Me Always' to create a Christian journal called 'B'. In April, I released a book that came with a screenprinted T-shirt named 'MAD AS HELL'. In May I released a christian children's book called 'THE BAKEHOUSE'. In August, I art directed my first issue of LIVE magazine. In September, LIVE collaborated with The Guardian to create a spin off magazine called 'DEADLINE'. In November, LIVE released their first national issue (where I was in charge of the redesign). In that same month, I released my fourth and latest book 'MANIFESTO' - which is a declaration of what 'Hypeness' is all about. 

The moral of the story is, Hypeness Projects work.

I suppose looking at this book just reminds me that this year has been an amazing one, and this is just the warm up. I want to say thankyou to everyone who has shown love throughout this past year. I would be nothing if I wasn't giving some help along the way. Everyone who tweeted about my projects, blogged them, helped edit the books, gave me advice and whats cool and what's not….thankyou. Let's go IN for 2012 yeah?

But yeah…a year of Hypeness….I like this.
*Feeling for a Krispy Kreme*

Stay ULTRA always