Thursday, 3 June 2010


Oh my goodness, how were you able to create something so magnificent, close friend?
The funny thing about these pictures is that we did the entire photoshoot with the theme song of sesame street booming through the speakers in the studio.
This is what happens when you mix the UKs freshest talents with one of the wackiest creative agencies London has to offer.

The full blown photoshoot is coming out soon.


The Ordination

'She's your Queeeeeeeeeen to Beeeeeeeeee......'
                                                   -Fat dude (Coming to America)

This beautiful specimen right here is known as the one and only Marin Monroe. With creativity flowing through her veins, this mastermind has found her carefully hand-painted mitts into nearly every ZOOM4YOU project - most of the time behind the scenes and unnoticed. But here she stands before you with flair and elegance, an Empress in her own right. I just felt to show her off to you guys.
'The Empress' is running her own blog:
Be sure to check it out......................actually no.
That is all.
ZoOm -x-

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Quite A Delightful Blog Post

Oh what a beautiful summers day we have before us
The birds are tweeting
Madams are riding their bicycles
Countless amounts of youths lay wasted on the roadside due to the intense heat
(The sun makes them angry you see…..quite splendid)

Anywho, I compose this ‘blog’ to inform my dear readers that all is well
ZOOM4YOU has made its magazine debut in KIX magazine. The link is dispatched at the bottom: page 52-53 my dearies

If you happen to be the hasty one, then not to worry my dear friend. Images are below.
Truly we are living in exciting times my fellow readers. And if a magazine debut was not enough to get your toes tickling, ZOOM4YOU has also been working along side Benjart clothing to squeeze out some exclusive images for Nike’s RESET event….

But tut tut…
I cannot show you those images,
You are going to have to go to the website and take a look-see yourself
But I shall not be a tease. Here are the links for the Nike RESET images:
I shall be updating you all very shortly
Stay tuned my faithful ones!
Cheerio xx
Prince ZoOm the second