Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Dungeon

What is zoom?
Where is zoom more like!
The other day I'm sure I found Wally from 'Where's Wally' waking up and down the hounslow sides. I wish I took a picture to show you guys but he was walking kinda fast. I don't even know why I told you guys that but hey. 
I write you this letter to assure you that I am not dead. I am in fact locked in a far away dungeon, occasionally pushing out copies of ULTRA (which I'm proud to say was SOLD OUT in just over a month) and planning future projects as such as 'Televsion is the Devil'. Ohhhhh boy do I have some treats for you! 
I suppose writing books is a blast, but what use is writing a whole leap of books if you leave your first love ( dormant? I'll never leave you guys you forgive me?
*kiss and make up*
...Now I'm gonna have to leave you again.
Not for long though, for a week or so. When I come back expect this blog to be how it was back inna the day.
Expect Ohhhh's n Ahhhhh's n Wooooow's.
And also....I'm gonna be putting ULTRA up online for the whole world to purchase!!!
Ahh exciting times...
ZoOm's back baby!
Now be patient on me as I put the finishing touches on the food you're about to feast on.
Dinner's soon ready.