Monday, 9 April 2012


Well, this is a bit of a madness isn't it? It's hype to know that exactly a year after writing 'MAD AS HELL' (a book about my frustration of not being respected as an artist), I'm now one of the thirty two that's featured in the new Adidas campaign. It's a blessing for sure. For those who did not know, I was gone off to Canada at the beginning of 2012 for an internship in SID LEE, one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world! For those that knew I was away, probably did not know it was all a present form Adidas, bless them. I must say that it caused a major shift in how I saw the world, it's much easier to conquer than I thought haha. It's real humbling to be apart of this project with so many amazing people...
Anyway, ignore the babling, here is the video:

Marvellously edited no? Thankyou Adidas.
LOL oh yeah...
The campaign was launched with an advert with Wretch32 and Example and some of the most inspirational kids you'll ever know. I never thought that I was in the ad, but I'll be, I am...

Fair enough, it's the back of my head, but is it not the most beautiful display of a man's bean you have ever seen? Be honest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg too, there's more to come. If you look closely, a clue is given somewhere in my video. The first one that guesses what I'm talking about correctly get's a free ZoOm book of your choice, nice. I just want to give a major 'I LOVE YOU' to Ruby Psuedo (The crew and the person)... SID LEE (I miss you guys, I miss Five Guys too) and everyone that has been sharing this video, putting it on your blogs, asking for interviews and stuff. I love it.
Large up the Project 32 team too, London is ours baby!
Onwards and upwards yeah?

ZoOm x