Friday, 27 May 2011


TeamJESUS polo. Check. Remaining copies of ULTRA. Check. New Batch of B notebooks. Check. Freshly baked 'BAKEHOUSE' books. Yup....good to go. ZOOM4YOU, Inspire me always and Team J are gonna be down at the BIG CHURCH DAY OUT tomorrow...gonna be quite epic for various reasons. One of them being that this would be the first time I would be selling 'THE BAKEHOUSE' so I am interested to see what the reaction is going to be like. The other reason is because you can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a memorable day. Team Jesus trips never fail, I mentioned this in a previous post. Whats crazy is the fact that I gave you guys a sneak peek of the 'B' notebook a while ago.....never really told you guys what it is about....but yet found myself ordering another batch because the baby sold out majorly fast. Lovley.

I will tell you how the event goes...
Stay tuned...because I still  have something exciting to show you guys...

Stay ULTRA Always

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The Art Of Ghosting. I must say that being creative and continually developing tales hidden in my imagination has now become a compulsive obsession, a habit I refuse to shake off. So since my last broadcast, I have cunningly snuck away into my castle and have created another project for you, my pretties.
This one is a storybook. It's called 'The Bakehouse'.
A twist to the part in the Lord's Prayer that says 'give us this day our daily bread'
The book is near completion...The book is nearly done.
Now I shall return to the dungeon....muwahahahahahaha *slowly walks backwards into the thick mist*
But on a serious note, when I drop this, it's most likely going to be in limited number so send an email if you are interested:
I will be updating you guys on my progress, because I've been neglecting you....again....just don't call Jeremy Kyle on me.
Stay ULTRA Always
*Happy birthday to me*