Wednesday, 17 February 2010


These are some shots I did for TeamJESUS Earlier today. Be sure to join thier Facebook group:
These may seem abit 'doom & gloom' for a Christian brand, but read the scripture that is on the last picture and you would understand where I'm coming from. The happy pictures will come tomorrow :)
Stay Bless

Saturday, 13 February 2010


2009 died two months ago... It's time to go back into the dungeon. 

I'm looking to start a brand spanking new portfolio...having abit more colour, flaire, and humour. I must admit, I got some mad inspiration from an artist named Numskull. I'm looking to get my first batch of Work done by May so I can work on other projects AS SUCH AS CAKE!!!!!
Expect writing and art for the first part of the year, and clothing and films for the next half (God willing).

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


For those who are into your Asian cinema, this female here would be the Lady Snowblood of grime music . [type the name up on YouTube if the first sentence threw you off completely]. Secret (Also known as Magikal) is looking to release her debut EP, mid 2010. There is nothing much to say except 'look out for this one'. You can catch up with her on my blog later on in the year.
But if you can't wait until then...
Here are the links:

Photography by yours truly of course.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


February 3rd 2010
London: 15:47 GMT
Today has been okay. I just got an interview wish London college of arts for next week, I have an interview at West themes college tomorrow, and to top it all of, I just purchased the epic...the astonishing...Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
So to cut a long story short...I walk into my flat and guess what I find...


Tuesday, 2 February 2010


SCENE 1: The dungeon...
For those who know me, you would understand I am reaching that time in my life where I am going through a lot of changes. Hair is growing in places I didn't face.*you sicko* I mean, I would shave my face clean, and then mysteriously look as if I have no-one to look after me weeks later. This was a major concern to me. I just did not understand why my hair was growing so quickly.

But I have now come to the point where I just don't care any more, and i wouldn't mind leaving this hair on my face for a few months or so...Just to see how much it would grow. That is where I thought up the idea of doing a sponsor....

The scenario is this...I leave my hair until april (for the sake of your entertainment of course) and you could sponsor me too keep it on. I choose april because my church is having a youth congress at that time, and I wouldn't be able to stand the embarrassment of being laughed at all the time for a week (unless I receive that generous donation from that generous sponsor *wink wink*).

If some-one says I resemble King Kong, or I look like a chimp with addidas trainers, it would all be written in 'ZoOm's Marvelous Beard'. Maybe you don't want to see me get tortured by the public; maybe you just want to see how far the beard will grow. I would obviously give you weekly updates on how the beard is this:

Or maybe i took it too far...I don't know.
If this idea pulls through, and enough people sponsor, the sponsors would count on how many WEEKS I keep the beard.
Now you can aim to give £1 a week...or maybe even two...£10 if your pockets are weighty. There is no limit, but do not disrespect and chip in a ten pence piece...cause thats just rude.

By the beginning of April, all of the money would be collected, and 50% of the proceedings would be given to charity. 25% will be handed to those in who are suffering in Haiti, while the other half would be handed to a more local organisation, but that is yet to be decided.

I'm giving a week to hear the responses. If I get no intrest in a weeks time, I would just leave it and get a hair cut. But if the reaction is big enough, I'll go for it...I mean...I'm on it if you are.

Get back to me :)
Twitter: ZOOM4YOU
Facebook: Andre 'Zoom' Anderson

ZoOm -x-

p.s you can just email me to say how crazy I am...I don't mind.

Monday, 1 February 2010


I think it is time to dim the lights...

Dear zOomers (Can I call you that?)
For those who still read this blog...I must apologise for the lack of content....
I mean, I have been depriving you guys man!
I haven't been hiding though. Oh No My children...You can follow me on twitter @
But let me not resort to making up excuses...I have been lazy...
I mean, I could of replaced I HATE MONDAYS with something else, but I didnt...Even when I have got pages of unpublished content ready to wow you :)
But I'm back on my game and I am ready to get you smiling again

In the next few weeks, expect much more photography, art...mann...expect something!
I've neglected you for too long...I was wondering if you would take me back

I love you
ZoOm x