Friday, 28 May 2010


- I think we need some Ennio Morricone for this post -

This has nothing to do with the post, I just thought it would catch your attention.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while now have probably been in utter bewilderment as to what ZOOM4YOU actually is. When first founded, it was intended to be an art movement, operating through different forms of creativity. For example, one day you'd see us releasing a series of screen prints, while on another day we'd be working on a novel. We didn't want to be JUST a photography business, because that would be narrowing us down. And you shouldn't put a lid on creativity.

I guess the only problem with that was that an 'art movement' is not a proper name for a company. ZOOM4YOU was supposed to tap into all areas of art, but as a business, what would it be described as?

It was only last week that we found the answer. 
'What is ZoOm?'

It took me and the team literally months trying to find a fitting description of the movement. It bothered us so much...we even named our blog after this tedious question:

But now we know....and it's a huge weight off our feeble shoulders
Now this may seem extremely sad to those who do not understand our excitement...but believe me, it's a breath of fresh air.
To celebrate, we might just release a limited edition T-shirt for you guys. It (might) be a question mark, symbolising the year and a half of confusion we went through just to explain what we do.
Hmmmmm.....might as well give you guys a little sneak peek...
Just to show we are not bluffing
...close your eyes.... open....

Do you see the strain in his eyes?
Do you see how tired he looks?
That was us...a few days back
And we do it all for you *sloppy kiss on the cheek*

'Whatiszoom' coming to a t-shirt near you...

(Your favorite creative Agency)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


We will support our people with free educational systems…LOL jk Look after your own damn kids!’

Politics is something I choose to stay away from. Big mistake.
In great black suit and ties, these grey-haired gremlins caught no attention from me - not until a few days ago. I mean, it is one thing hearing about a new government, but when you step into a room and hear a BBC reporter talk about the ‘New World Order’* on national television, you get slightly scared. That’s something that you hear about in school playgrounds or crowded workspaces. It is only a conspiracy, but not something ever to be mentioned on the news.
Now maybe the News reporter made a mistake. The words simply slipped out of their mouth and he never apologised for it. -Whether that be the case or not, it made me think about a few things.
Everything I was taught at Sunday school as a child is being unravelled in front of me like a rehearsed drama piece. This blog is not to ridicule David Cameron, neither is this ‘another conspiracy theory’ piece. But even a man who was blind from birth can see that our world is changing. And IF a change in our country is going to happen, will I be ready for it? How will I show myself as a strong figure in a struggling society? Because I am not a fool to think that things are going to get better before they wax worse. So when things get tough, will I survive?