Saturday, 3 December 2011


It started off with this

This year has been a testimony to say Hypeness Projects can change your life. It was only a year when I was in West Thames College studying a Art & Design Foundation Degree. I told friends that I was going to write a book in 12 days…not a lot of my people believed it would happen. Eight days later, I finished my first book. A month later, I released ULTRA, my first Hypeness Project. 
Not confident if it would sell or not, I told everyone in my college that the first 10 buyers would get a free Krispy Kreme. I broke even on the first day. West Thames even done a blog about me (click here).

I've said it once and I will say it again: everyman should have at least one book written. It changes your way of thinking. Since December 3rd 2010 I released that projects do not need to be long an drawn out. I'm 19 and have written 4 books. This is not to boast, but to say you can do whatever you want and no-one can stop you doing so.

After ULTRA, I got addicted to creating publications. In March 2011, I collaborated with 'Inspire Me Always' to create a Christian journal called 'B'. In April, I released a book that came with a screenprinted T-shirt named 'MAD AS HELL'. In May I released a christian children's book called 'THE BAKEHOUSE'. In August, I art directed my first issue of LIVE magazine. In September, LIVE collaborated with The Guardian to create a spin off magazine called 'DEADLINE'. In November, LIVE released their first national issue (where I was in charge of the redesign). In that same month, I released my fourth and latest book 'MANIFESTO' - which is a declaration of what 'Hypeness' is all about. 

The moral of the story is, Hypeness Projects work.

I suppose looking at this book just reminds me that this year has been an amazing one, and this is just the warm up. I want to say thankyou to everyone who has shown love throughout this past year. I would be nothing if I wasn't giving some help along the way. Everyone who tweeted about my projects, blogged them, helped edit the books, gave me advice and whats cool and what's not….thankyou. Let's go IN for 2012 yeah?

But yeah…a year of Hypeness….I like this.
*Feeling for a Krispy Kreme*

Stay ULTRA always

Monday, 28 November 2011


Wow. Last Friday was the one. What can I say? I self-published my fourth book in the Penguin Headquarters.... it was definitely a night to remember. Some laughs. Some tears (I wasn't crying though). November 25th is most probably the most significant date in the ZOOM4YOU journey so far. All I can really say is hard work pays off. Once you got your mind on something no-one can stop you. Trust. A big thankyou for everyone who sent in thier tweets, facebook messages, phonecalls, BB Pings...everything. It was so humbling to know that alot of people got the idea of what 'Hyper-activism' is. 'MANIFESTO' isn't just a book, it's a movement... so if you feel I'm being too quiet about it EVEN after it's launch, don't worry. The year of the Hyper-Activist is soon approaching.

Pictures of the launch soon come.

Stay ULTRA always


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

THE BAKEHOUSE: A Tale By Andre 'ZoOm' Anderson

Yeh, I know it's a very long time. I actually done this book in May but never presented it on the world wide web. I thought it would make sense to upload this before 'MANIFESTO' comes out next week. 'THE BAKEHOUSE' is the christian children's book I wanted to read as a child. Christian children's books are usually corny and always seem outdated...I tried to tackle that problem head on. The story is about the prayers of two children two children (one being in London and one being a war-child in Uganda). It's called 'THE BAKEHOUSE' because of the play on words 'give us this day our daily bread'. The entire book is a dialogue of the two prayers.... we see how they differentiate but are also similar. This was done the same time as the 'MAD AS HELL' project... so notice the struggle between me being as 'MAD AS HELL' and me being in a more prayerful mood....I consider the books to be one in the same.

If you are interested in getting a copy - email me at
If you would like to know more about Release Potential (see the last image) then CLICK HERE for more details.  
ZoOm x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oh my It's been so long since I have even been on the INTERWEB that if you are reading're friggin awesome. So much stuff has happened it's unreal. I'm an art director for a national magazine (LIVE Magazine), bakehouse done quite well...and now I am about to release my 4th hypeness project...and now I feel like I've cheated everyone who has followed this blog.. so NOW I'm going to have to do a mega marathon so we can catch up on old times...just in time for us to talk about the new stuff... which is in 15 days time... wow...
The hypeness begins....

I miss this place... Dam *tear*
It feels good to be home

ZoOm xxxxxxxx

Friday, 27 May 2011


TeamJESUS polo. Check. Remaining copies of ULTRA. Check. New Batch of B notebooks. Check. Freshly baked 'BAKEHOUSE' books. Yup....good to go. ZOOM4YOU, Inspire me always and Team J are gonna be down at the BIG CHURCH DAY OUT tomorrow...gonna be quite epic for various reasons. One of them being that this would be the first time I would be selling 'THE BAKEHOUSE' so I am interested to see what the reaction is going to be like. The other reason is because you can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a memorable day. Team Jesus trips never fail, I mentioned this in a previous post. Whats crazy is the fact that I gave you guys a sneak peek of the 'B' notebook a while ago.....never really told you guys what it is about....but yet found myself ordering another batch because the baby sold out majorly fast. Lovley.

I will tell you how the event goes...
Stay tuned...because I still  have something exciting to show you guys...

Stay ULTRA Always

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The Art Of Ghosting. I must say that being creative and continually developing tales hidden in my imagination has now become a compulsive obsession, a habit I refuse to shake off. So since my last broadcast, I have cunningly snuck away into my castle and have created another project for you, my pretties.
This one is a storybook. It's called 'The Bakehouse'.
A twist to the part in the Lord's Prayer that says 'give us this day our daily bread'
The book is near completion...The book is nearly done.
Now I shall return to the dungeon....muwahahahahahaha *slowly walks backwards into the thick mist*
But on a serious note, when I drop this, it's most likely going to be in limited number so send an email if you are interested:
I will be updating you guys on my progress, because I've been neglecting you....again....just don't call Jeremy Kyle on me.
Stay ULTRA Always
*Happy birthday to me*

Monday, 18 April 2011


So for those who have been following what I've been doing for the past week or so, here it is in all of it's glory. Oh yeah.. 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!'. The title 'MAD AS HELL' was taken from the Cult Classic film 'Network' which has a television presenter going postal on live television. Google it.
For those who know ZoOm closely, you would know that I was going through a little rough patch these past few weeks.  It almost felt as if nine gallons of rage was just bubbling inside of me. So I took my older cousins advice and did the wisest thing I knew to do at the time, let all of my emotion go out. I wrote a couple thousand word rant and drew an emotionaly torn man on A1 paper to epitimise what I was feeling. From idea to completion, this project took me around two weeks. It took me a night to write the book, two days to do the illustrations, three days to do the pizza boxes, and a day to do the screen printing. The rest of the days consisted of waiting for the printers to finish this 50 page novella. You might call it another Hypeness project, but I just see it as an outlet. Never underestimate art therapy.
My pain your pleasure ey? 
This project, as you would have guessed, is a personal one, so whatever is printed, is printed in very limited number. In regards to the pizza boxes, only 10 were produced. That leaves 15 books to be sold separately. So if you are interested, send us an email before they are all gone!
Stay tuned, because this is not the last you  have heard of 'MAD AS HELL'. Believe. 
Stay ULTRA Always

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Inspire me always X ZOOM4YOU = B (Sneak Peek)

You thought we was only working on 'MAD AS HELL' right? HAHAHAHAHA....nope!
The ZOOM4YOULOT worked with it's beautiful cousin company 'Inspire Me Always' to design a creative journal that simply goes by the name of 'B'.
B Creative 
B Inspired
B Encouraged 
After much 'hush hush' we are now able to show you the finished product. They are launching at the Beulah Apostolic Church in Luton tonight. They are running on a limited number of 50, so if you want one, then contact us like....NOW!
As said before, this is only a sneak peak so you shall be seeing more of this soon
Stay ULTRA Always

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Making Of 'MAD AS HELL': Part II

Ohhh you wanna see more ey? Okay so let's do a little catch up. You already know I drew my final design on A1 paper. I had that scanned and ready for a screenprint. 

Yeah so I might as well tell you that I am doing a series of T-shirts. 'MAD AS HELL' was screen printed by yours truly, but major shoutout to the one and only Harleen Bhamra for drying the paint off the T-shirts while I was printing them. She made the process much quicker. Love you much!
 An edition of 10...
So do you remember in Part 1 when I was talking about the pizza boxes? I'm gonna have a little bit of fun with them. KMT (Kiss My teeth) to nearly all of the stress that happened to me while creating this project.
The final product is soon ready...just a few more tweaks.

Stay ULTRA Always

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Making Of 'MAD AS HELL': Part I

Art is apparently an outward expression of the contents of the heart. If that be the case, what's inside me is not pretty. 
This was my first drawing for my 'MAD AS HELL' Project, a Clothing/Literature experiment that I am working on. For those that know me, this hasn't been an easy time for me. So I suppose the best way to let it all out without hurting someone would be through my art. 
 'MAD AS HELL' design attempt #2
 'MAD AS HELL' Final...kinda.
 So I, like an idiot, bought an A1 piece of paper thinking its the final drawing is HUGE. How I got to scan this perfectly is beyond me......
What do you think I'm gonna do with that box huh? The end product is going to look MEAN.
You guys are gonna love this one!

ZoOm x

Monday, 4 April 2011

'MAD AS HELL' Sneak Peak

Nuff Said...

Rest In Peace Grandma Anderson

It's been two weeks since nanny passed. For those who have been following me on twitter you would have clocked that I haven't been speaking for a while. Learning that theres a time to chat...and theres a time to sit down and reflect. Read about the legend that is my grandma in this FLASHBACK CLASSIC.
R.I.P Nan - I'm missing you so much.
ZoOm xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Sometimes in life, I go on long journeys. And when I say long I mean LONG journeys. I'm surprised I don't see cows and goats on my way to my destination sometimes. Sometimes I take train...sometimes I have to walk it...sometimes I have to take the bus.

In this case I had to take all three...but my golly gosh it was all worth it!
In my hands lay the brand spanking new issue of LIVE Magazine. Can't you smell the freshness coming through your computer screen? For those who don't know, I am a contributor to LIVE and am so glad to see some of my work in this new issue (I shall blog about this later on). But I must say, as exciting as it is to see my graphic work throughout the magazine, it does not even compare to the glory I am about to show you my dear readers. Wait for it.....
Let me show you again...
My giddy gosh...ULTRA has got it's first magazine treatment!
The fact that it is in this magazine is one thing, seeing that the book got 5 STARS is a next thing.
'ULTRA is a twisted, fictional masterpiece' - love the sound of that.

Make sure you get your copy of the new issue of LIVE magazine available NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!
And also.....join their fanpage

In the faithful words of my Jamaican uncles 'big tings a gwarn'
Stay ULTRA Always