Monday, 23 August 2010

ZoOm's FLASHBACK CLASSICS! - The Birthplace

The story starts in grandma's living room, spending countless hours during the summer holidays, playing Everly Brothers and Christian Elvis Presley Vinyls. 'This is Grandma's house. Make yourself at home.'
Grandma's yard: the birthplace of my creativity. Some of my earliest projects was produced in these four walls. I wrote my first comic book 'Hell fighters' in here. I discovered archeology and hid ten pence coins and a cab card in her back garden. I even made a space suit made out of cardboard boxes here - was sorely vexed when she through it away though. Despite the great violation of throwing my artwork away, my grandma was always a supporter of the things I did.

Grandma Anderson served her years being a Sunday school teacher at Beulah Apostolic Church in Willesden, London. She is one who loves the writings of the Bible, and most of all loves God. But then again, that should be expected from the wife of a conquering Bishop.

My grandma is the poetic type. She loves it when a song or a rhyme has strong lyricism. It was only when I was older when she told me she had once written a book touching on Christian lifestyle. The book was sold in both the UK and US, also having a few copies scattered across Jamaica. So my Grandmother was a respected Christian Author, but I didn’t think writing was my thing.

Years later I find myself writing on a daily basis, having finished my own novella. I think Grandma Anderson has something to do about this. A few weeks ago, she heard about the completion of my book. That is when she handed this to me:

It is the first draft of the book she had written so many years ago. It may mean nothing to you, but this is part of Anderson history - and it's mine to keep.

'One must be willing to make sacrifices committed to giving not getting. No thought of 'getting rich quick'.

'Another reminder: your motives can't be people pleasing, money or power. In other words, you can't only tell folks what they want to hear, but make sure you tell them what they need to hear'.

'As mothering is a twenty-four-hour-a-day job or task, so is the work of an evangelist. Are you ready for this? Without integrity, your ministry will be ineffective'

Hopefully I can take up where she left off - 'Cause true superheroes on this planet are running out nowadays.
Just thought I should this share with you :)
Be blessed
Andre 'ZoOm' Anderson

Saturday, 21 August 2010

ZoOm's FLASHBACK CLASSICS! - Introduction

"Been on this ting since Pokemon blue, Young Chap" 
- Dr. Andre 'ZoOm' Anderson
Some of it is sentimental
Some of it is funny
Some is just straight up embarrassing
But I would like to share it all with you guys!
FLASHBACK CLASSICS is going to be a long long series of blogs showing you all my childhood creativity. One week I might drop a poem I wrote at age 6...or maybe I'll show you a comic book I drew in year 5. I'm still contemplating if ill show you the home-movies I cooked up back in the early 2000's....
...those kind of clips can damage a young mans career...forever.
But it's all in the name of love - I just want to show you where I've been coming from. Take a walk with me (that sounded soo cheesy).
Let the stories begin!
See you next week.