Saturday, 27 March 2010

'Cornwall 'twas aight still'

As the sole of my feet jumped from the van and landed on a brown substance that could most probably be cow manure, I knew this college trip would be interesting. Our team was given the task to produce a documentary touching on anything based in Cornwall. Me being the procrastinator that I am, I found myself indulging in other things.... and to be honest, I cannot recall to you if I actually did what I was supposed to do. But ah well, it was a £200 well spent. The air was fresh, the seas were calm, and I was getting mad love from the people and animals alike.

But to be honest guys, i really don't like cornwall. This could be because I am a city boy (LDN BABY - AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW N****). But this can also be because of the bad memories of Cornwall I had before making it down to this college trip.

I actually tried to forget about the time I spent a week in a caravan with my cousins and aunties in the middle of Cornwall, watching oceans 12 over and over and over again. I actually tried to forget about the time I was treated like a likkle slave boy, cleaning this caravan, hardly seeing the light of day when I'm sure I paid for this trip for it to be a vacation.

I put all of these things aside. But Cornwall gives me endless reasons to point the finger and say 'I'm telling. You smelling. You went to Batman's Wedding....'. 

This would be an example:

That is my only white trainers you know....
Wait....Let me show you again

Joke ting...


Wednesday, 3 March 2010


What you see here is some shots I did for TERRATAG. I needed it to be fun, colorful, and I HAD TO bring my boy Munchie down to go mad in front of the camera *and by the way, he is on a natural redbull*. The robot he is on top on is actually a Gundam shipped from Hong Kong, so you know it's the real deal (whether the Gundam is that size in real life or not...I'll leave to you).  Just want to give a shout out to Magikal, Kherya, and Terri for coming down and showing some love, your support is much apreciatted.

If you're feeling the T-shirt I shot Munchie in - You can get it right here on the official Terratag website
That is all from me...Stay bless
'I wanna sponsor you yeah...but i'm scared of what you might become'

'No-one is gonna want to speak to you with a beard like that'

'Is that how you make money? go get a job!'